How Much Do Crested Geckos Cost

How Much Do Crested Geckos Cost: Unveiling the Price Secrets

How Much Do Crested Geckos Cost? Crested geckos can cost anywhere from $40 to $400 depending on the morph, age, and coloration of the gecko. These popular pets are known for their unique colors and patterns and can be a great addition to any reptile enthusiast’s collection. Keep reading to learn more about the cost…

How Much Do Crested Geckos Cost? Crested geckos can cost anywhere from $40 to $400 depending on the morph, age, and coloration of the gecko. These popular pets are known for their unique colors and patterns and can be a great addition to any reptile enthusiast’s collection.

Keep reading to learn more about the cost of owning a crested gecko and the factors to consider before bringing one home.

Average Cost Of Crested Geckos

The cost of Crested Geckos can vary depending on various factors. On average, the price range for Crested Geckos is between $40-$400. However, there are variations in price based on their color and pattern.

Some Crested Geckos with unique and rare colorations or patterns can be priced higher, ranging from $99 to $9,999.99.

Average Cost Of Crested Geckos

If you are looking for specific variations, such as white or blue Crested Geckos, the price can be different. For example, a Mystery High End Crested Gecko may cost $99.00, while an Axanthic Crested Gecko can be priced at $2,999.99.

Furthermore, the breeder or pet store you choose may also influence the price.

It’s important to consider the initial cost of the Crested Gecko itself, as well as the ongoing costs of their habitat, food, and vet care. Crested Geckos are generally considered to be affordable and make great pets for both beginners and advanced keepers.

Where To Buy Crested Geckos And Their Prices

Crested Geckos are available for purchase at Petco. The prices range depending on the specific gecko and its quality. You can find Mystery High End Crested Geckos for $99.00, Baby Crested Geckos for $59.99, and Cappuccino Crested Gecko for sale for $499.99 at

Predators Reptile Center sells Crested Geckos for $45.00, while Designer Critters offers them for $74.99. Other online retailers like TikisGeckos,, and also have a range of options with different price points.

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Where To Buy Crested Geckos And Their Prices

PetSmart also offers Crested Geckos for sale. The availability and price range may vary, so it is recommended to check their website or visit a local store to inquire about their current offerings.

Additionally, you can search for online retailers that sell Crested Geckos, such as Pangea Reptile, which offers High-End Baby Crested Geckos for sale with prices ranging from $199.99 to $9,999.99.

If you prefer to purchase Crested Geckos from local pet stores, visit pet stores in your area. They may have different varieties of Crested Geckos available and can provide you with the price range of these reptiles.

WebsitesSelling Crested GeckosPrice RangeShipping
guardiansofthegeckos.comMystery High End Crested Gecko$99.00 $100.00 
petsupermarket.comBaby Crested Gecko$59.99 
Predators Reptile CenterCrested Geckos$45.00 
tikisgeckos.comCappuccino Crested Gecko for sale$499.99 $250.00 
designer-critters.comCrested Gecko — Designer Critters$74.99 $9,999.99 

High-end Crested Geckos: Worth The Price?

Are high-end crested geckos worth the price? Find out how much crested geckos cost and decide for yourself. From rare morphs priced at $9,999 to more affordable options starting at $45, there are various options to fit your budget and preferences.

High-End Crested Geckos: Worth the Price?
High-end Crested Geckos are a popular choice among reptile enthusiasts, but what sets them apart from regular Crested Geckos? Unlike regular geckos, high-end specimens have unique and desirable traits that make them stand out. These geckos often have rare color morphs, special patterns, or exceptional lineage, which drive up their price.
Definition of high-end Crested Geckos
High-end Crested Geckos are those that possess distinct characteristics and features, making them highly sought after by collectors and breeders. These geckos may have exclusive color variations, such as white or blue, or they may exhibit rare patterns that are hard to find. Additionally, high-end geckos often come from reputable breeders, ensuring their genetic quality.
Reasons behind the higher price
Several factors contribute to the higher price of high-end Crested Geckos. First, the rarity of their appearance or genetic traits makes them more valuable. Furthermore, the cost of breeding and selecting these geckos is higher, as breeders invest time and effort in ensuring their quality. Additionally, the demand for high-end Crested Geckos plays a significant role in driving up their price.
Examples of high-end Crested Geckos and their prices
Here are some examples of high-end Crested Geckos and their respective prices:
– Mystery High-End Crested Gecko: $99.00
– Baby Crested Gecko: $59.99
– Cappuccino Crested Gecko: $499.99
– Axanthic Crested Gecko: $2,999.99
– Quadstripe Crested Gecko: $199.99
– High-End Baby Crested Geckos: $199.99
– High-End Baby Crested Gecko Special: $164.99
These prices may vary depending on the provider and the specific characteristics of each gecko.
Is it worth investing in high-end Crested Geckos?
Whether investing in high-end Crested Geckos is worth it depends on individual preferences and intentions. These geckos offer unique aesthetics and can be a valuable addition to a collection or breeding program. However, they come at a higher price point, and their value may fluctuate in the market. Ultimately, one should consider their passion for these reptiles and their long-term goals before making the investment.

Cost Of Owning A Crested Gecko

When it comes to owning a crested gecko, it’s important to consider the cost. From initial setup to long-term investment, there are various expenses involved. Let’s break down the costs:

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Initial setup costs

We’re talking about the essentials here – an appropriately sized terrarium, substrate, decorations, heating and lighting equipment, and hygrometer. These setup costs can range from $100-$300.

Monthly expenses

These include feeding your gecko with live insects, supplements, and electricity for heating and lighting. On average, monthly expenses can be around $20-$30.

Maintenance and healthcare costs

Regular maintenance involves cleaning the terrarium, replacing substrate, and monitoring temperature and humidity levels. Healthcare costs include occasional vet visits and possible medication. Budget around $50 per year for these expenses.

Long-term investment

Crested geckos can live up to 20 years in captivity, so consider the long-term commitment. This includes potential upgrades to the terrarium and ongoing care. Plan for additional expenses as your gecko grows.

Owning a crested gecko can be a rewarding experience, but it’s important to be financially prepared. Remember to budget for these costs before bringing home your new pet.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How Much Do Crested Geckos Cost

Are Crested Geckos Expensive To Keep?

Crested geckos can vary in price. You can find them for around $45 to $100, but high-end or rare morphs can cost up to $9,999.

Do You Need 2 Crested Geckos?

No, it is not necessary to have 2 crested geckos. Male geckos can become territorial and aggressive towards each other. However, housing two female geckos can work as they are more social and cooperative with each other.

Is A Crested Gecko A Good Pet?

Crested geckos are good pets for beginners and experienced keepers. They have amazing personalities and beautiful looks. They are hardy, easy to handle, and come in various colors and patterns.

Is A Crested Gecko An Easy Pet?

Yes, crested geckos are easy pets. They are hardy, easy to keep and handle, and come in various beautiful colors and patterns. They are nocturnal and are very entertaining once awake in the evening. Crested geckos make great pets for beginners and advanced keepers alike.


The cost of crested geckos can vary depending on factors such as age, morph, and the seller. Prices range from around $40 for a patternless gecko to over $9,000 for a high-end morph.

It’s important to keep in mind that the initial cost of the gecko is just one aspect to consider; there are also ongoing expenses for housing, food, and veterinary care.

Overall, crested geckos can be a great pet option for both beginners and experienced keepers.

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